Recording for "I Dislocated My Wave"

I made the field recordings for “I Dislocated My Wave” using objects at hand in my room and during an evening stroll through Gano Park in Providence. I used a Zoom H6 Handy Recorder with a furry outdoor microphone windscreen muff. For some of the recordings (e.g. “Throat Bear” and “Throat Light”), I used a DIY contact microphone placed onto the throat.

To record a watery sound, I went to a small dock by Gano Park. A man and his son were towing their boat from the water. I used a segment from one of the field recordings from the dock as the foundation and “background” sound for “I Dislocated My Wave,” the track featuring a selection of the edited field recordings.

The majority of the field recordings that appear in this collection feature objects available in my room: coins (as metal currency); a wooden comb with wooden teeth (a souvenir from Korea); a toy that tweets when filled with water and some breath (a novelty item); and so on. I used the contact microphone with the Zoom recorder to record vocals by placing the contact mic directly on the throat.

In the edited line, I explore dislocation by creating a sonic space using sounds recorded from different locations. In the edited track, I use panning and layered recordings to create sounds that continuously move around the listener. I mix “natural” and “artificial” sounds to create a field recording for an imagined, shifting park with a different set of flora and fauna.