Nice to meet you! Call me Stine.

Hi! Call me Stine.

Writer // Stand-Up Comic // Artist ++

I am a technical writer, researcher, and communications strategist based in Cambridge, MA. I am available for commissioned work and artistic collaborations—drop me a line!

I currently work as a Technical Writer with Formlabs.

Previously, I worked to make the Open Web more inclusive as the Communications Manager with Bocoup. Before that, I worked as a Research Associate at the Harvard Business School (HBS) with the Public Education Leadership Project (PELP), a joint-initiative between the Harvard Business School and Graduate School of Education. At HBS, I also developed case studies and conducted research on the edtech sector for the course Entrepreneurship and Technology Innovations in Education (ETIE).

In addition to my work, I've edited fiction as an Assistant Editor for CONSEQUENCE Magazine, an international literary magazine focusing on the culture of war. You can check out a review I wrote on Anne Germanacos's book Tribute.

When I am not writing, reading, or coming up with ideas, I perform stand-up comedy around Boston, draw comics, and organize community events. In April 2013, I performed every night of the month as the Comic-in-Residence at The Comedy Studio in Harvard Square. At EMW Bookstore, an art/ tech/ community space, I organized a tech and ethics salon which drew ~50 community members for thoughtful conversations around the role of technology in our lives. In October 2014, I curated a killer art exhibition on the theme of work at FIND & FORM SPACE gallery. In November 2015, I curated and produced a show and event series on the theme of CHANGES // △ // METAMORPHOSIS. The exhibition featured work by over 20 artists and included a Jellyfish Turing Test and an animated exploration of filth and solidity.

Interests: culture of work, aesthetic taste, creativity, the intersection of education and work, income inequality, design thinking, leadership, the value of struggle, narrative structures, feminism in the technology sector, personal finance, and the art of cartooning. 

My New Year's Resolutions for 2017 include recording an album with my band Fat Robin, an antifolk ukulele solo project and learning how to operate a contemporary millennial automobile while remaining cucumber cool.