Curatorial Work

Drink Salon on Tech & Ethics


FOUNDER, CO-DIRECTOR  In November 2014, I founded Drink Salon on Tech & Ethics at EMW Bookstore, an art/ tech/ community space in Cambridge, MA. Drink Salon is an exercise in creating the community I need while fostering meaningful connections within my community. 

My objectives for starting the salon were two-fold. I wanted to:

  1. Highlight alternative perspectives and identities in tech
  2. Create a space where members of the broader community who had an interest in technology could gather for a rich, provocative exchange of ideas

Since our launch, the Drink Salon team has hosted over 15 salons on the themes of education, death, libraries, love, public art, civics, finance, progress, music, food, and more. We feature an all female-identifying staff. The conversations started at the salon have led to new creative partnerships among our community members. Together, we bring together 30-60 community members at each salon for thoughtful conversations around the role of technology in our daily lives.



CURATOR & ARTIST — In November 2015, I curated and produced a show and event series on the theme of CHANGES // △ // METAMORPHOSIS. The exhibition featured work by over 20 artists and included a Jellyfish Turing Test and an animated exploration of filth and solidity.

The show documentation and individual pages of all the works featured in the show are available on the show site.


Let's Get Banausick!

CURATOR — In October 2014, I curated a killer art exhibition on the theme of work at FIND & FORM SPACE gallery.

You can check out a gallery of images and text documenting the show below:

For the show program, I designed a foldable zine with artist bios and a curatorial statement. You can find a copy below: